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Lietuviu susitikimas Wellington’e 2013

Smagiai pasilinksminome Danguolės uošvių sodyboje šalia Wellington’o. „Liepsnelė“ buvo kokių 5-6 metrų aukščio ir balius atitinkantis liepsną :)

Naujametiniai sveikinimai!

Awesome Lithuanians are pationate about basketball

We have quite a few talented Lithuanians in New Zealand.
And these awesome guys produce awesome stuff! :)

Lithuanians! We are all basketball lovers! Check out this iphone application and play for Lithuania.

And, of course, spread the word! :)
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The author of application, Dr Ignas Kukenys completed his Ph.D. degree at the University of Otago. He currently lives and works in Auckland.

2011 Vasario 16 minejimas

Kvieciame atvykti i Vasario 16-osios min?-jima gerbiamos p. Petra

Lithuanian Independence Day 2011

You are invited to our traditional celebration of Lithuanian Independence Day at Mrs. Petraska’s house on Sunday, 20th of February at 2pm. Address: 10 Lucerne Road, Remuera, Auckland. Please bring a plate.